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Thursday, 15 August 2013

London Intensive Shoemaking Course Week 2 Day 10

Today has been a day of rasping...shaping and more rasping. Should rasping take a day - for perfection, why not? And can you ever rasp a heel too much...well yes, you can sometimes if a weak spot sneaks up on you and suddenly undercuts what is otherwise a perfect heel :(

Today we skived the heel lifts flat...

Found an unusual but effective use for the killer toothbrush when the heel lift surface dried super-smooth!

Sat the heel lifts onto the top piece.

Trimmed the heel seat

and then glued and shaped the top piece and curved the heel breast.

Hopefully everyone will have enough energy left tomorrow to get through rasping, glassing and sanding so that we finish the day with everything dyed and ready to set on Saturday.

We shall see. Until tomorrow happy shoemaking!

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