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Saturday, 10 August 2013

London Intensive Shoemaking Course Week 1; Day 6

It's the final day of week one and today muscles, brains and much much more are tired and hurting.

Heels were stitched and welts were beaten, allowed to dry and then carefully trimmed to beautiful shapes...

enhancing elongated toes...

and curving around 'egg' toes. Shanks were glued in place to support the arches and skived smooth, then the cork was glued in place to fill the fore part of the shoe.

Meanwhile the soaked soles have been mellowing nicely...

before being cut out (with a little extra room to breath), hammered and glued on.

It was a race to the finish, but everyone is just about ready for a Monday - shaping and nailing heels; trimming sole edges to 90 degrees, cutting channels and stitching.

 I'm looking forward to seeing the results when I take over the reins again on Tuesday. James will be reporting in from the course on Monday - until. then a well-earned day off for everyone! Happy shoemaking!

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