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Thursday, 8 August 2013

London intensive shoemaking course Day 4, Week 1

Wow, a third of the way through. Time flies, especially when you are welting. In fact, we worked so hard today on our threads and welting that I forgot to take any photos until the last minute and everyone was tidying up. Oops. But we were busy.

So, essentially, the day involved the last bits of lasting the toes; making threads; attaching bristles; preparing welts; and stitching them. All by hand, of course.

Welting is probably the most challenging thing we do on the course but they all did very well today.

Here is a half welted shoe with the welt that we made at the side.

Here is a detail of the threads and welt at the toe. We make special knots here to stop the stitches pulling through.

Our trusty welting all with the slightly spooned end to make a better hole for the stitches to pass through.

And here is the forecast for tomorrow - widespread and unbroken welting will dominate throughout the day until late afternoon.

Until then, happy shoemaking!


William de Wyke said...

Can you explain what's going on in the pictures where there's a white thread and a pair of black threads in use? I'm not understanding the purpose of the black ones.


jimmyshoe said...

Hi William, they are the same threads, it's just that we use a neutral coloured wax for the body of the thread and then black tar to attach the bristles. So you are seeing part of the main part of the thread and part of the ends of them. But they are the same thread. Hope that helps, jimmyshoe