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Monday, 12 August 2013

London intensive shoemaking course Week 2, Day 7

After a well earned day off our students returned today with fresh enthusiasm.

Today saw them trimming their sole edges.

Peening the seat with the French shape hammer.

Making two three cord threads.

Securing the heel area of the sole with nails.

Soaking the heel lifts, split lifts and top pieces.

And then we started stitching the sole. You put the masking tape there to protect the upper from wax from the threads and to lessen the possibility of marking the upper with the awl.

The awl has a flat head which makes a different kind on hole in the leather. But everyone agreed that this is easier than welting.

So another productive day and a great start to the second week. Tomorrow will be spent stitching and little else. But the shoes are really starting to look like shoes.

Until tomorrow, happy shoemaking!

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Barker Marine said...

Yes, both the shoes are really looking like a pair of shoes. It is a tough call to finish repairing the shoes because there is no "end" of modification in shoes. The more you change its shape the more you feel you should do something.

Barker Marine
Men Shoes UK