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Sunday, 19 May 2013

New York Intensive Shoemaking Course - Final Day

Ok, people, another carreducker intensive shoemaking class comes to and end. Our New York trips are always fun and I know that Deborah would join me in saying a massive well done to all our students. Thy have been a lovely group and a lot of fun. The standard of work has also been excellent. I really think that the quality gets better every year and I think it is something to do with the surge in interest in our venerable craft.

So, with that in mind, here are the happy crew with their equally happy teacher. Congratulations guys!

The Shoes - Gorgeous Huh?
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Finishing In Progress
Burnishing The Sole
Inking The Soles, Heels And Edges
Sanding The Top Piece
Shining The Sole
And that, dear readers, is a wrap. Until next year of course. And until next week, happy shoemaking! PS Apologies for the images which were uploaded from my ipad and don't seem to be entirely compatible with Blogger on a computer. I am a shoemaker, not an IT person!


Kevin Montreal said...

What a great experience. Thanks again James and Deborah. Everyone's shoes looked great! I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning the craft. On to the next pair!

Mägi said...

This is incredible. Goodness, I like this shoemaking blog and I like what you guys are doing. Maybe, mayyybe someday I'll get to attend a course (if I decide to stop volunteering and go back to my job and make some more dollars) but for now, it was a pleasure to experience the course through the pictures. Oh, to mak my own pair of shoes...

So, with the course and materials, is this class costing over £500-600?

jimmyshoe said...

Thanks Kevin, glad you enjoyed it. And yes, start your second pair soon! James

jimmyshoe said...

hey Magi, thanks for the positive comment. The course in New York cost £2300 this year and the courses in London cost £1875. You should sign up. Best, jimmyshoe

Mägi said...

Oh how I wish I could! I'm even going to be visiting England for the first time in the fall. It's not in my budget, however... I'm currently volunteering for a while in Ukraine and that means no incoming cash. I love it - it just means certain activities aren't as obtainable. I'll just keep visiting the blog and enjoy that! You guys are rad!