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Friday, 19 April 2013

The Crays launch

Greetings, fellow shoe lovers! Last night we threw caution to the wind, ignored the typical English spring weather - snow, rain, snow, sleet, rain - and launched The Crays, our new resort shoes for summer 2013, at Thornback & Peel.

"If you can't get to the seaside, bring the seaside to you" was the theme of T&P's eye-catching window display at 7 Rugby Street.

A flock of pigeons eye up the 'catch of the day'.... The Crays....

Chatting to lovely lady bloggers...

The Crays are made in limited edition runs in Norfolk, England...and are available to buy from us now by email or telephone (but soon available on our new e-commerce site).

The first run is in sizes 8 - 11, but ladies don't worry. The clamour for The Crays has been so great that we'll be ordering a second run just for you. (Please send us an email or call with your contact details, colour choice and shoe size).

We're sorry that there has been no news from the shoemaking bench this week...but rest assured shoes are being made, so until next week happy shoemaking!


Anonymous said...

great trick! you blog is the best for learning all sorts of small yet vital techniques.

jimmyshoe said...

Thanks elrodshoes. Best, jimmyshoe