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Friday, 8 June 2012

US Trunk Shows June 2012

Greetings, fellow shoe buffs, from sunny New York. On the last day of our June trunk show in the States. I arrived last Sunday in Chicago and we started seeing clients on Monday. We were at the Waldorf Astoria which is very grand. The suite was large and stylish.

The display looked good and we saw a combination of old customers for fittings and new customers for orders. Everyone seemed happy and we all left satisfied with our two days work.

While we were there, there were a bunch of crazy Pink Floyd fans outside the hotel, so I assume that one of  the members (or all of them) were staying there - very rock n roll.

Sunday was a beautiful summer's day. I landed early in the morning so went straight to the hotel and went for a bike ride up the lake in Lincoln Park. It was glorious. I ended up in the zoo which was free (never seen that before) and loved the old silver back having an afternoon nap and holding his own hand. Very cute.

The other thing I loved was the urban beach thing. Sandy beaches, fresh water "sea" and skyscrapers. Very odd. I was the only person on the beach in a suit when I took this picture and got some funny looks. But I'm used to that.

Then on Wednesday, we came to New York to the Pierre. Again, very grand, but in a different style (I'm trying to be polite). We have saw customers yesterday and today have more appointments, so all is good.

This is John and Lee from Gieves and Hawkes on Wednesday afternoon after we had set up the room - the quiet before the storm.

And so the last day arrives. Wish us luck.

Tomorrow I am flying up to Portland, Maine to stay for a week with my brother and family. It is his 50th birthday and he is having a big party tomorrow, hog roast I imagine. Just hope the weather is ok.

A week of holiday, what a treat. Can't wait.

Until next time, happy shoemaking!