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Friday, 3 February 2012

New Shoemaking Course For October 2012

Welcome to one and all. Another week another shoe.

Exciting news fellow shoe people, especially those who live in or around London.

Having done our handsewn shoemaking courses for 5 years now, we are really thrilled at their popularity. But we have consistently had requests for a regular, weekly shoemaking class from those who cannot find two weeks to do an intensive one.

Going back a long time, this was the kind of course that we taught at Cordwainers College in Hackney and then later at the London College of Fashion. A three hour class once a week for three ten-week terms. This ends up at the magic 90 hours teaching, which should be enough to finish a pair of shoes.

So we have decided to do such a class again, starting in October this year, at our studio in Holborn, Central London.

This is going to be a modular course which means that students pay for 1 term at a time and can work on their shoes at their own pace. We imagine that it will take an average of three terms to complete a pair of hand stitched shoes. But, with lots of homework or some experience, it could take as few as two. Or, for those who prefer to work at a more relaxed pace, it might take four terms to finish.

The format is the same as the intensive courses. At the start of the course, we provide each student with a pair of lasts in a standard UK size; a pair of plain derby calf uppers to fit the lasts; a making pack with all the leather you need to make the shoes; and a basic tool kit to keep.
At the end of the course, you also have the shoes to keep and wear.

The course is aimed at complete beginners or those with a little previous experience of shoemaking.

There will be a maximum of 7 students per class so that we can give the one to one tuition that handsewn shoemaking requires.

We imagine that the course will appeal to those who wish to learn a new skill for pleasure; those who want to begin a lifelong hobby; students of footwear who wish to increase their skill base and knowledge of shoe construction; and those who want to follow a career in bespoke shoemaking.

The details of the course are as follows

DATES: Monday 1st October until Monday 10th December (with 1 week half-term)

TIME: 6pm until 9pm

LOCATION: Cockpit Arts, Bloomsbury, London

COST: £450 per term

If you are interested and wish to sign up, please email us at

And please feel free to ask any questions you might have. We imagine the places will go quickly and it will be first come first serve. So don't hang about!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Until next week, happy shoemaking