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Monday, 13 August 2012

Let the shoe Olympics begin!

Oh OK it might be a little unfair to turn the next two weeks into the shoemaking Olympics, but it is tempting to keep the happiness, excitement and general sporting buzz of the last two weeks going somehow!

What a fantastic fortnight it has been. As you know Mr Ducker made it into a couple of the events...and the pictures of the park look amazing. We watched loads on TV and got to see the bike race come through Richmond which was breathtaking - that and the torch coming through earlier in the day really set us up for an Olympic fortnight.

But as he also revealed I have been on holiday for some of the time - camping on the tiny Channel Island of Herm for a couple of days and then home to the only slightly bigger Channel Island of Sark for a week of rest and relaxation and to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary!

Needless to say, in between beaches, bicycling and beverages I have been obsessed with the Olympics dressage as Carl Hester of team GB is a fellow 'Sarkee' and school chum from way back. I was sorry not to see him take an individual medal but thrilled for the team. Go GB!

But back to shoemaking....we have a lovely group again - very positive and enthusiastic so I'm looking forward to a great week of shoemaking teaching and day 1 has not disappointed! We had insoles on by lunchtime and this afternoon has been less a marathon and more a Bolt 100m with skiving well under way.

 Fingers crossed we can keep up the pace! Until tomorrow, happy shoemaking!

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