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Saturday, 25 August 2012

August 2012 Shoemaking Course - Final Day

And so we arrive at the last day. Still some work to do but not the frenetic pace of previous days.

Some sole burnishing; putting on the wax; taking off the wax; doing the seat wheel; doing the single lipped iron on the heel edges; cleaning the shoes; polishing the shoes; and pulling the lasts - simple!

And then we made and put in socks into the shoes. Either half socks, full socks or double thickness socks depending on how the shoes fitted. - you can do quite a lot once the shoe is finished to get it to fit better.

Last thing was to give out certificates and celebrate with a glass of prosecco and a cupcake from Bea's.

And here are the happy students with their shoes (minus one who could not make it today)

Excellent work all round and a very big congratulations goes to all of them.

And that is a wrap. A thoroughly enjoyable two weeks of shoemaking and learning. We hope this will encourage you to sign up if you are thinking about it.

Until the next time, happy shoemaking!


cambrelle said...

congratulationg! you guys did very good job!

jimmyshoe said...

Thanks Cambrelle. It really was a lot of fun and a very talented group. Best, jimmyshoe

cambrelle said...

how many shoes can you make per month?

jimmyshoe said...

I can make about two pairs per week if I sit and make with no interruptions. Best, jimmyshoe

Latest Fashion And Style said...

very good job so nice