A Leisurely Week

As many of you have probably realised, there is a special event going on in London at the moment. And we at carréducker are not immune to the charms of the Olympics.

I have been twice this week to see hockey which was absolutely fantastic. Such a wonderful atmosphere. The Olympic Park is huge and full of people who are there to have fun. The venues are amazing, particularly the velodrome which is beautiful. They are calling it the Pringle. I think it is my favourite building

We had a ball. And it didn't rain once. It's official, I love the Olympics in London.

Basketball venue - will be dismantled after the games

I live within 2km of the park and we could see the fireworks at the end of the Opening Ceremony from my bedroom window. This also meant that this week we had a stream of visitors staying chez nous. Again this has been lovely, but all in all, this week has not been filled with shoemaking. As a result, I do not have the usual array of interesting shoemaking insights to share with you.

But all is not lost. we delivered a rather beautiful new pair of boots. Our classic Saddle Boot but in navy blue and black. We seem to be making quite a few blue shoes these days - must be a trend. What do you think?

Following on from last week's snapshot of the workshop. Here is a little video of what our workshop looks like. As you will see, it is dirty, dusty and full of stuff. But I don't think we are alone in this. Most shoemakers workshops I've seen seem to follow a similar line. As you can see, you don't need a lot of space.

Deborah is on holiday this week, so I am on my own. I will be busy at Gieves and this gives me plenty of time to make shoes which is, after all, my favourite thing. So, until next week, happy shoemaking.