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Thursday, 10 May 2012

And Then There Were Six - Day 3 NY Shoemaking Course

The enthusiasm and energy is still high even though bodies and minds are stretched having learned so many new skills (and words) in such a short space of time. We now have six pairs of lasted shoes all set to welt in the morning and how proud I feel about the hard work that has been done today.   

 If you are following closely you may be wondering what happened to our seventh student? Well unfortunately, a recent operation meant that he just wasn't fit enough to undertake the course despite some impressive determination. We are instead looking forward to welcoming him back next year, fully recovered and fighting fit. It is disappointing all around, but emphasises just how physical this course is, working your legs, arms, hands and entire upper body all at once.

 Talking of which, we're welting tomorrow, so our students will get to do their first stitching. Fingers crossed for some easy awl action!

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