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Sunday, 20 May 2012

New York Shoemaking Course 2012 Final Day

And so it ends. 12 days, 7 students and a lot of hard work. Well done to all of you from Deborah and myself. It really was a great effort and I'm sure all the readers will agree that the finished shoes are of an excellent standard.

This is a strenuous, physical course, but very rewarding.

I have had an excellent week, one , because I really enjoy sharing this wonderful craft of ours, and two, because this group was a great bunch of people.

We wish you a future in the trade in whatever form it takes. Welcome to the fold!

So, final day highlights? Finishing. But the last stages were inking and applying wax. We also spent a long while polishing.

Applying wax.

The finished shoes. Plus my tan brogues.

Natty pink socks and laces combo. What d'ya think, Rob?

Look at that shine.

And finally, the happy students with the king (read dictator) on the throne.

And that, as they say, is a wrap. So long, farewell, until the next time, happy shoemaking.


Anonymous said...

Excellent - The pink laces add just the right touch.

It looks like it was a fun class, congratulations to all.

jimmyshoe said...

Thanks for that. It was a very successful course. We both really enjoyed it. Lovely bunch of talented students this year. best, jimmyshoe