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Friday, 18 May 2012

New York Shoemaking Course 2012 Day 10

Day 10 and it was a frenzy of rasping. Rasp, rasp, rasp until all those blemishes were erased.

We started the day by marking and trimming the seat. After narrowing it to an even width, most of the students then had to reshape the heel with the knife.

The trick with this stage is to use an old credit card to protect the upper.

The final bit of the heel was the top piece. They glued it on with contact adhesive and then secured it with nails.

Once the heel was fully shaped by the knife, the rasping started. They rasped the heel, heel breast and the sole edges. A lot of rasping.

After rasping came glassing with 2mm glass broken in a curve which creates a sharp cutting edge. This is used to get rid of the rasp marks.

Only 2 days left and tomorrow will see us glassing, sanding and setting the edges. Can't wait.

Until then, happy shoemaking.

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