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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Day 6 NY Shoemaking course - handover day

It's my last day today and I feel kind of sad. It's been such a fun, lively week I've really enjoyed it and hope everyone has too. The students are exhausted though and it's hardly surprising as we looked back on all that they've achieved today. They've worked with knives, lasting pliers, nippers, two types of hammer, rasps, broken glass, awls and of course the killer toothbrush. All tools that can make or break a shoe (or a finger!) if used incorrectly.

 So I'm really proud of all of the work that they have put in and the progress that they have made. Despite flagging energy levels, injuries (old and new) and a stinking cold they made it through with soles stuck on and nearly all of them preparing sole edges and peening heels. A mammoth task!

Credit must go to Wright who, I think he would admit himself has found some of the processes a challenge, but is powering on with determination and enthusiasm. Bravo! So he will hopefully be caught up and James will enjoy a lovely sociable week stitching soles, building heels and finishing. I'm looking forward to seeing next Saturday's group shot with shoes on and feet in the air!

 So, good luck everyone and thank you for such a great first week!
The class of NY 2012, still able to muster a smile (and a show of tar-covered, bruised and battered 'jazz hands') at the end of a very long week from left to right: 
Wright, Jess, Michael, Allison, (yours truly) Lynn and Marci.

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