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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Day 2 New York Shoemaking Course 2012

Today we ploughed on with yet more skiving toe puffs, stiffeners and preparing insoles. Most of the group have also got their welts prepared, threads are under way and once all these bits and pieces ready, we'll be ready for a day of lasting and welting tomorrow.
Wright had a major breakthrough today. As the only 'leftie' in the class he has been struggling to get his knife under control and sharp. It's been tricky for me to show him too, as I am right handed, but finally we have a sharp knife that is doing what it needs to and with a little more practise he will be ready for the next knife challenge!

With four guys and three girls in the class, there has been some amusing leg pulling about the girls vs guys approach to work. Whilst the girls have been quietly getting on with things the guys have needed a lot of attention and then are surprised when the girls are on to the next step! Needless to say it's made a fun and lively class!
But the flip side of such a sociable group is that sometimes concentration can wander, so there have been a couple of slip ups today. Not the end of the world and with all things that go wrong, good learning!
 So after a good night's rest, we'll have seven pairs of shoes taking shape tomorrow - all lasted and a few at least partly welted. I can't wait. Good work guys!

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