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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Day 1 New York 2012 Handsewn Shoemaking Course

 It's day one of our handsewn shoemaking course in New York and we've got a full house - 7 students - and it's been a great first day...buzzy, sociable but with lots of work getting done and new skills being learnt! The perfect combination!
 For most of the students this is a totally new skill set which can be quite intimidating...but by the end of today knives were being wielded confidently (sometimes too confidently!) the insoles are on and drying and puffs and stiffeners are well on the way to completion.

Tomorrow things get more exciting as the insoles are prepared, the holdfast is made and uppers are lasted. My favourite day as the students see their bits of leather take on the shape of real shoes!

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