Week 1 day 3

Another day and students, you did great today!

Yes Raymond that means you too! And Godwin for getting that waist down! Great persistence! And talk about going off from a standing start when it came to lasting pliers - never touched a pair before - well let me tell you you mastered them and painful, exhausting and frustrating though it may be, tomorrow will see you being welcomed by at least one and in many cases a pair of lasted shoes. Toe puffs still to go but I hope that all of the students will be welting by the end of the day.

Lasting is always a challenge. You are essentially using your whole body - legs, chest and knees to keep everything stable whilst your hands use an unfamiliar tool, to stretch leather that doesnt want to be stretched and then to nail said leather in place. Without it slipping, ripping or moving! Easy eh? Even I came home tonight after today's trials and tribulations and dove into a hot bath with a large glass of wine! So how the students must be feeling after a day of unfamiliar physical activity and mental persuasion, cajoling and downright bullying I don't know! But I can guess.


Anonymous said…
Thanks Deborah! Raymond
Anonymous said…
Wait a minute, you guys aren't elves. :( A very cool craft indeed. I stumbled here but now you have me wanting to take up a new art form.