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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Week 1 Day 2 London course Jan 2012

The lampshades in our workspace are suitably shoe-related!
Work is progressing apace in the studio as our dedicated students learn more and more about the intricacies of good knife work and keeping their 'steel' sharp. There were sighs of frustration as once-sharp knives were blunted and smiles of delight as sharp knives cut through the leather 'like butter'. Today's top sharpening award goes to Patrick, who for at least some of the day, had a knife that could have carved through steel!

I was reminded as always, about how easy we make it look, but after 15 years if we didn't, I would be worried. Like everyone else we have seriously off days too and I took the precaution of wearing plasters today, simply because my hands are still soft from Christmas and will be cut to ribbons without some protection. On that note, day 2 saw the curse of the 'has anyone cut themselves yet' question come into force with two cuts in quick succession. But at least the ice has been broken and it was nothing serious.

Tomorrow will see the group finishing their holdfasts, lasting their shoes and I hope welting...otherwise it will be homework for tired hands on Thursday night! But they are doing well and keep their spirits up and blood sugar levels high during the day so I am looking forward to another good day's making tomorrow.

Preparing the holdfast 1

Preparing the holdfast 2
Preparing the holdfast 3

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