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Friday, 3 September 2010

Insole Up In Waist

September already! Feeling very thankful for the Indian summer, but the nights are getting darker and colder. Summer holidays are over and I have that back to school feeling (along with all the kids - boo!).

We have two shows coming up. The first is Goodwood Revival, which should be fun. The Other One is going as a land girl and, funnniest of all, is camping the whole weekend. Let's pray for good weather!

The other show is Origin. This year it has moved to Spitalfields Market in the City and it coincides with Design Week this year. We are looking forward to it a lot and it should be a fantastic show.

And so to shoemaking. We have a number of clients with problematic feet and one of the commonest is fallen arches. Many people get orthotics as a remedy to this which they put in their shoes. This can cause a problem for us because it makes fitting the shoes harder. Do they wear the orthotics all the time? Or do they put them in and out depending on the day?

We often suggest a built in solution which is easy to do and seems to work very well. This is called Insole Up In Waist and involves leaving the insole very full in the waist and covering it, so that it gives arch support, but also looks neat.

And here is how to do it. First you mark a curved line on your lasts where you want the support to be. This depends on the extent of the problem. It is better to do it full and then try the shoes on. You can always reduce the support if you need to. Make sure the lines are the same.

Grrr... at this point dear followers, I would upload all the photos which we took during the process and describe them to you. Unfortunately, I have had a technology malfunction and the photos are not on the camera's memory card which is very bizarre because I reviewed the shots as I took them. And the Other One took a few when I needed two hands. It's a mystery and very annoying and it also means that I have nothing prepared to tell you about. It makes me feel like Janet Jackson at the Superbowl. Never mind.

I can show you the finished result, but that is not much use to you I suppose. I will have to wait until I do another to show you the process.

All I can do is apologise and urge you to come back next week for a fuller and more fulfilling helping of shoemaking fare.

So, until then, happy shoemaking