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Friday, 15 January 2010

Revving Up

Another film on the cards then. We were filmed this morning here in the studio for the Crafted programme we are on. Hence the late post. It was fun, if a little time consuming. You know these media types, one more shot like this; there was a rustle on that take; phone rings mid flow. Oh, the glamour!
They did some interesting takes of the making process, so I look forward to seeing those. We can use the material apparently, so we might be able to edit our own version with all the best bits, ie, none of me or the Other One wittering on, and lots of shoemaking stuff.

And more time in front of the camera tomorrow. This time for some lifestyle shots of the Winkers. We are going to the Millenium Bridge and will shoot either back to Tate Modern or with Tower Bridge in the background. We need to get the Winkers shot outside to cement the fact that they are outdoor shoes, not slippers. Should be fun too, just hope the snow stays away and the models don't freeze.

And the Other One now tells me that she wants to post something for you all, so here she is and see you all next week...

One of the interesting things about all this filming is that the interviewers keep asking us what is so different about what we do? It's a good question and we thought it might be nice to share our musings on the subject...and to hear what you've got to say. What sets carreducker shoes apart? Well, we think that there are a couple of things... First of all, neither of us are particularly formal people, although we do take our shoemaking seriously, so we are more flexible about the details. Our designs and shoe styles are an interesting combination of the traditional, but with a strong design element; we pay close attention to detail, the precise shape of a curve or length of a toecap; and although we know the industry standards - heel height, shape of counter etc. - and apply them where appropriate, ultimately we do what we feel is right for the customer, their personal style and their foot shape.

We would love to know your thoughts...anyway, that's my bit for this week, so have a good week and back to jimmyshoe next Friday.