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Saturday, 18 September 2010

new cd corporate car? we settled for this one. on Twitpic

With Mr D keeping you updated on the wonderful guys at Springline it has been left to me to fly the flag for carreducker ar Goodwood Revival. We are sharing a stand with Farnham tailor Eloise Grey. We have made three of her beautifull Isle of Mull tweeds into Winker resort shoes which wr are showing alongside Harris and Dashing tweeds.

Along with her coats and jackets and our bespoke shoes the stand looks great. Add some Cole & Son Ex Libris wallpaper and our reading room styling is complete and attracting admiring comments and photos...thankfully the shoes and clothes are being admired too. It is always a lot of work to create a welcoming environment edpecislly when we are working with canvas walls and roof.

Revivalists (if that is the correct collective) are a great bunch of people, full of bonhomie (and champagne!) and a more elegant crowd hasn't been seen for a good 60 years. It just goes to show how splendid men look in a well cut suit or in uniform! I am a down to earth sort of girl - I make shoes after all - but even I come over all unecessary with a man in uniform! It being ladies day today there are some very elegant ladies about. The best have period hair and make up and accessories. Today at Goodwood men are men and women are women - if only life were always so simple.

In the mean time we are having a fine old time plane and car spotting. There are some beauts as you can see. Limited petrol head celeb spots so far, but hopefully they will venture through the tunnel tomorrow for a spot of recreational shopping.

The show is open from 7 to 7 so we are doing long days and i am bombing around the Sussex countryside in a transit van! Wish it was something more glamorous - maybe next year? We are both at Origin next week from Thursday so more news from there as well as shoemaking tips!

I can hear a Hurricane preparing for take off so time for me to sign out. Come by to say hello at Origin if you are attending. T.O.O

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