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Monday, 19 April 2010

A no-fly zone

Well I'm sitting here wondering whether it's worth getting on a boat now to get to New York in time for our course on May 10. Seriously concerned if the wind doesn't start blowing the ash cloud somewhere else!

Who knew Iceland could cause so much trouble! They may be vikings, but bringing the whole of Europe to a grinding halt is quite an achievement! From a small business point of view, what was originally a rather amazing phenomenon has become a bit of a pain to say the least! Mr. Ducker is 'stuck' in Barcelona (yes I know it doesn't sound too awful to me either), our boxes for New York are stuck at Heathrow and various clients due through London this week are staying put (whether they want to or not). I really feel for everyone stuck after Easter's a nice idea to think that you'll get your holidays extended, but when the reality means no idea of how to get home or several days of travel to get thanks.

It's a sharp reminder of how much we rely on the air and how we have got used to being able to get ourselves and our products to places around the world quickly.

Small boy goes back to nursery school tomorrow - hurray! It's been a lovely Easter, but boy do I need more time in the week to get on with work, so the rest of the week will be a busy one meeting with agents from the Nordic countries and Russia, planning bespoke events later in the year and ordering materials for bespoke clients coming through later in the month. We're also eagerly awaiting new lifestyle photography from Eloise Grey featuring our summer Winkers in her signature organic tweed and some sample tweeds from Harris Tweeds to make new Winkers for the fall.

Sorry there's no making tips from the master this week - I'll post some polishing tips on Friday if he hasn't made it back from Barcelona by then!

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