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Friday, 3 July 2009

Arch Support

Greetings one and all. After 2 weeks of 30 degree heat, I am feeling delirious; blurting out injudicious comments willy nilly. So apologies if I ramble. Is humid and cloudy worse than sunny and hot? Answers on a postcard.

Just in case you missed my midweek post, here is a great piece of press for us from the San Francisco Chronicle.

So, back to those shoes from last week. The insole up in waist. Once the insole had dried, I took it off and prepared the arch support. This involves skiving the flesh side to the shape of the last so that when the upper is lasted, the support does not show. And then I covered the inside part with the same leather as the lining of the shoe.For this piece, I skived the part you can see about 1cm from the edge, but on the other side, the side you see, I just skived the 0.5mm of the edge so that it sits flat and does not rub the foot.

Finally I nailed the cork platform and insole back onto the last and proceeded as normal with the making.

You can see the 0.5cm extra on the right heel, which combined with the 1cm of the cork platform, makes the required 1.5cm. The finished shoes are different, but when the shoes are worn and 6 feet away from the eye, then the difference is minimized. Also, if you are not looking for it, you don't see it. An elegant solution to a serious problem.

So there you are. Let's hope for a large and violent electrical storm before the day is out, like the one last Saturday, where the hailstones were the size of cherries. My Big Elf and I danced hysterically in it, getting soaked in seconds. Excellent!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

SF Chronicle Article

Check this out. It's very exciting.

The lovely Carolyne Zinko came to our trunk show at the Clift and has now published this article in the SF Chronicle. We think it's great. Love the shot of the Winker. The Other One is feeling a bit left out but hey ho. It's hard being the face of the business. It's all good for carréducker anyway.

PS Anyone in San Francisco who has a copy, could you send it to us? Thanks