One For The Ladies

Well, it's 3 actually.

To much fanfare and excited squawks from the Other One, we are launching our women's bespoke shoes. We have always made bespoke shoes for women, but it is about time that we formalize it with some samples to show at events that we do, particularly Origin, where we are presenting them for the first time to the waiting world.

I have finished the first pair, which is a stylised loafer, The Dietrich. In antiqued calf with purple piping, it is a high heeled beauty on a very pointed last. The upper is a piece of closing mastery. The hand stitched lake continues around to the back seam and is absolutely perfect. As is the purple piping which is the kind of detail that sets bespoke shoes apart from their ready to wear cousins. The making is a simple bevelled waist on a bare 3/16 sole with a natural finish. Given the antiqued brown upper, we thought a natural finish would set it off. It's a long time since I made a high stacked heel and I am pleased with the result. It's quite a 70s shape which I like. My other worry was the heel being heavy, but, having removed the lasts, the shoes are wonderfully light ( I thought I might have to drill holes in the heels to lighten them which is an old shoemakers trick, but there is no need).

Please excuse the lack of socks in the shoes. They are coming.

The other 2 samples are a boot and a brogued golf shoe type wholecut (difficult to imagine, but watch this space).The boot is welted and awaits a square waist 3/16 sole. But it is the upper you have to see. It's red hair on kid with a floral pattern; gun metal grey glace kid; a soft bellows tongue; and a back zip so that the front corset lacings are decorative and can be laced up or not to reveal more or less of the tongue. It's a pretty ritzy design that will get the ladies swooning (and getting their credit cards out hopefully).

The wholecut is a brogueing extravaganza; the whole thing is covered in a snaking punched pattern on black calf. But what will make it stand out is the purple underlay which will make the holes purple. With the large fringed tongue and tassles, it is going to look gorgeous.

So, with just under a week to go, I have my work cut out. Plus the fact that all the Winkers are here and need boxing up. A shoemaker's work is never done. I am going to persuade those elves to come out of retirement!