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Monday, 24 August 2009

Monday Monday

Monday morning, ugh! And so it ends, no more courses till next year. I shall miss it. I had a really good time; very nice group and enjoyable teaching. I think shoemaking attracts the best people. I would say that though, wouldn't I?

As ever we finished in the last hour of the last afternoon, but that is ok. As long as we finish. It's a shame that we have to rush so much during the course, but it is a trade off between having enough time and setting a timetable that is accessible to the general public. 3 weeks is already a lot of time for people to find, so extending that would be counter-productive. Perhaps the answer is to make the days longer - 8 hours instead of 6. But then the price would have to go up and it would be an even more tiring day. It's a tough call.

All the students left with the firm intention of carrying on with shoemaking. This is one of the aspects of the course I really like - spreading the shoemaking word far and wide. I don't want this wonderful old trade to die out. We are it's guardians, and, as such, we have the responsibility to pass it on (cue music, silly cape and underpants over my tights)

Here are some shots of the last day, the students with their finished shoes. A fine collection, I'm sure you will agree. The shoes aren't bad either.

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