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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Pitti 2

This place is amazing! The Other One is here now so I have slipped away to have peek round. So many people and so much colour. I love the fact that Italian men wear colours, bold, wonderful, uplifting colours. The flashes on our Half-cuts are in good company.

Now, I may not like individual items or outfits, but I celebrate the diversity; the general interest in style; and the underlying peacockishness of the men here. It's great and worth celebrating.

The Winkers are a big hit again. The next louche classics? Quite possibly.

Lots of leads to follow up.

Pictures next week of the stand. If I tell you it's pebbles and bald tree trunks, you wouldn't believe me. Not our design I hasten to inform you. Ciao belli

1 comment:

Loafer said...

Hi The Other One here, Mr Ducker underplays the beauty of the fashion here! It's inspirational. Florence during Pitti Uomo is truly the centre of the men's fashion world.

I hate to say it, but we girls pale into insignificance...

Men's fashion rocks and our Winkers and Limited Editions set just the right balance.