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Friday, 15 May 2009

New York Shoemaking Course

Twice in one day, phew!

The course has finished and the students have left. All have finished the shoes and are inspired to make more.

It is always a last minute rush to finish and people cannot believe you need 90 hours to do it, but you do.

Very satisfying moment when they try the finished pair on.

I think they all did pretty well, and the finished shoes are not bad at all. Some had more cuts and scuffs than others, but I always say that they are 'learning marks' and should not be regretted. If you have a reminder of what not to do, you don't forget so quickly.

Off to San Francisco tomorrow on the next leg of my trip. Missing my Pearl, but looking forward to the trunk show on Tuesday and many new customers. Wish me luck!


jeremy said...

Is there going to be a shoe-making class in SF?

Seems like NYC always gets the shoe-making classes and we miss out...

Richard said...

Great to see that the World Tour is a roaring success - I read the review in the New York Times. Congrats!

Time for more half cuts!

R x