San Francisco Trunk Show

Good times! San Francisco has been good to us. The show at the Clift was great. The suite was wonderful, thank you Mr Starke. Specially liked the orange glass-topped table (our bespoke shoes looked amazing on it) and the orange perspex cubes. People say orange is such a difficult colour, but I say be bold and throw some in. Half-cut? Almost definitely. Or should that be constantly?

We had Carolyne Zinko from the SF Chronicle come with a photographer. They are doing a glossy supplement (San Francisco Is) in July, so look out for that. Again, the Winkers were the stars of the show. It is funny how certain things work better in one territory or another. Obviously delighted about it. I have the hope that Leffot in New York will stock them too, so watch out America!

Thank you so much Paul and Antoine for all the help and support. Looks like you are stuck with regular visits from us now.

And now what? Well, I am in Calistoga, Napa Valley, waiting for the fog to burn off before going wine tasting; eating a hog sized lunch; then sleeping it off by the pool with occasional dips into the limpid water. Yes, bespoke shoemakers sometimes relax too.

Napa really is wonderful, it has a very Mediterranean look; great climate; and is only an hour from the city. Hello!

And so my US trip comes to an end. Home on Saturday, in time for the Bank Holiday. Really can't wait to see my little elves again. It's been a lot of fun. The bespoke shoe making course was great, as was New York and our lovely host Jesse. The trunk show at Leffot was equally great. And the California leg was pure pleasure (apart from the pre-show nerves). Can't wait to come back in November.

By the way, my hands are like 2 lumps of soft putty. My nails have never been cleaner and I am gagging to get back to my table; pick up my knife; and make some beautiful handmade shoes. Or boots. Or pumps. It's been way too long.

I am having an IT malfunction, so I am going to publish this as text only with pics to follow. I have them, but cannot upload right now. Watch this space.