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Grandey's Place, Herts.

Grandey’s Place, Warren Park, SG11 6FF, East Herts.

Last Friday, was that rare thing, a Carreducker works outing! We took the day to visit Grandey's Place in Hertfordshire to see Clive Beecham's vision for a Heritage Craft Centre now nearing completion.

Clive is a retried chocolate manufacturer with a passion for vintage motor cars and craftsmanship and a proper patron, interested in helping craft businesses to get off the ground, to grow and to achieve excellence. 

We first met Clive a couple of years ago at Cockpit Arts, when he was researching what his vision might look like in reality. He was impressed by Cockpit and we were delighted to share our experiences with him as makers; we also talked about the importance of organisations like the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust and Heritage Craft Association, both of whom have advised him on shaping  Grandey's Place.

Well, since we met Clive has been very busy. A two-year search ended at the wonderful loc…

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